Hi, I'm Tushar.

Designer, developer and entrepreneur.

I love to build and grow ideas into products.

Read my personal blog, Ruminate.

I still remember the day I went to a friend's place and saw him editing a picture his dad took. He introduced me to a software known as Paint.NET. This happened when I was 12. Since that day, design has become my passion.

I've gone from producing design videos for my YouTube channel to becoming a partner in a matter of months, which eventually got me into freelance graphic design for channels on YouTube. I've worked with various YouTubers, both big and small and helped them kickstart their channels as branding is an integral part of any channel. Eventually moving out of my comfort zone, I went into other design fields such as UI/UX, print design, website development and wireframing.

In high school, I worked with the team at VITacademics to create the user interface for their iOS app, and made a mobile app UI for KhanAcademy. Moreover, I founded my school's computer club "node" (Network of Digital Enthusiasts) which is a group of talented students whose passions lie in technology, coding and designing. node has changed the way events take place in the school. Design and websites for all events were made by node members, which included our biggest project, the Utopia MUN conference. It makes me feel really proud that I've left a legacy at my alma-mater.

Presently, I spend most of free time designing interfaces and learning new languages to become a better coder.