About Me

  • Full Name:Tushar Gupta
  • Email:hi@tushargupta.me
  • Website:www.tushargupta.me

Hello There!

I'm a graphic + UI/UX designer, engineer and entrepreneur.

These days, I'm working at Notebit, an e-commerce store which sells uniquely designed art focused on apparel and stationery while helping design the future of education & hiring at TheLabs. I recently launched one of my side projects, Shoppingo - an online shopping assistant on Android and the Chrome Webstore.


Blog Posts

I occassionally publish my thoughts on my blog - Ruminate.

Being Eighteen

2016 has been great to me, and I hope 2017 is even better. The one thing I’ve realised over the past 365 days is that you need to be passionate, hard working and always seize the opportunities that come your way in life to be successful.

Why You Need to Start Selling Something

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your art, app or a skill you possess. Selling almost anything is an art. And it requires knowing your customer, the competition and several other factors.

Living by the 'Do More' Mantra

The idea is to always be out of your comfort zone. Pick up a skill and work on a project related to it. The details of the project are completely dependent on you. Read on to know more about the strategy!

Let's talk!

I'm always up for talking about ideas, products, and life in general.

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